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Outreach & Training

Consumer Action’s multilingual and multicultural Community Outreach Managers counsel consumers, offer technical advice, conduct train-the-trainer workshops and presentations at community events and national conferences and provide expert analysis and commentary to English, Spanish and Chinese media on a variety of consumer issues. Aware that the best way to reach vulnerable consumer populations is to work with trusted community entities, Consumer Action’s outreach staff leverages our national network of more than 8,000 community-based… Read More »




Our Events 

  • Prepping for success (Dec 05, 2013)
    Kelly Armstrong wants to help change the lives of young inner-city men. Knowing that one in six black males between 15 and 25 are…
  • MoneyWi$e educates young adults and shelter residents (Nov 05, 2013)
    Sharing the Basics, and much more Visiting Ruby’s Place, Inc., Perrott presented banking basics and tips for avoiding and repairing identity theft to…
  • MoneyWi$e spells financial literacy in the community (Sep 05, 2013)
    Oak Tree Vineyards photos provided courtesy of Rod Vasarhely, photographer. MoneyWi$e is the financial literacy partnership that was founded in 2001 by Consumer Action…

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Training Tools 

  • Managing Your Money Worksheets (Aug 06, 2014)
    Designed to be used with Consumer Action's educational training modules, this Note-Taking Guide is free for educational use. Note that due to the size…
  • Saving to Build Wealth - Note-Taking Guide (Aug 06, 2014)
    Designed to be used with Consumer Action's MoneyWi$e Saving to Build Wealth educational module, this Note-Taking Guide is free for educational use. Note…
  • Financial inclusion reference/resource list (Jul 14, 2014)
    Consumer Action created this resource sheet to help trainers get valuable information into the hands of financial inclusion workshop participants. The two-page resource sheet…

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Our Network 

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Best Practices 

  • MoneyWi$e: Then and now (Feb 05, 2014)
    Since 2002, Consumer Action’s MoneyWi$e financial literacy project has trained 4,900 community partners at…
  • Preparation and practice makes perfect (Jul 01, 2007)
    There are two secrets to making a good presentation: preparation and practice. Take the time to prepare properly and your chances of success will increase…
  • Lead without taking the reins (Apr 01, 2007)
    Facilitation is a way of providing leadership without taking the reins. As a facilitator, your job is to get others to assume responsibility and to…

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Recommended Training Tools 

  • Avoid ID Theft Training Kit (Nov 19, 2008)
    The FTC has created an "interactive toolkit" for advocates to plan and host "Protect Your Identity" events. Click…

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Videos & Webinars 

  • MoneyWi$e offers online financial education courses (Aug 28, 2008)
    MoneyWi$e, a Consumer Action-Capital One Partnership, has launched new, interactive financial education eLearning modules for consumers. The courses offer case studies, interactive tips and…

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