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  • Do you spend too much?. While research suggests that 2 to 5 percent of Americans struggle with a shopping addiction, many more suffer from mild forms of overspending. While it’s easy to joke about, overspending can lead to some very…
  • Cashless toll roads and rental cars: 6 tips. The advent of electronic-toll highways was designed to make traveling down toll roads easier for harried drivers. Goodbye brake lights, lines of cars and fumbling for coins, hello electronic transponders and license plate-readers. But if…
  • Misfortune leaves student loan borrowers on the hook. You have been faithfully making your student loan payment each month, and are making steady progress paying down the balance. But then your parent — who co-signed your loan — dies, or files for bankruptcy…
  • The key to simplifying your life. After a long and brutal winter it was easy to wonder if spring would ever come. But, yesterday while walking the park I noticed tiny buds on some trees and daffodils swaying in the warm…
  • Why FHA won’t lower mortgage fees for borrowers. Two influential housing industry trade groups voiced alarm this month about the fees borrowers must pay when they take out a mortgage backed by the Federal Housing Administration – a popular source of loans for…
  • U.S. agency urges ease on private student loan rules. Some people who pay private student loans on time are being placed in default when the co-signer of their loans dies or declares bankruptcy, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said in a report due out…
  • Student debt holds back would-be homebuyers. Of the many factors holding back young home buyers — rising prices, tougher lending standards, a still-shaky job market — none looms larger than the recent explosion of college debt.
  • San Francisco considera permitir rentas en Airbnb. Las autoridades de San Francisco se aprestaban a anunciar una nueva legislación que permitiría a los residentes de la ciudad rentar sus viviendas a través de sitios en internet como Airbnb, que compite con hoteles…

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