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  • How to build, or rebuild, credit. A report this year from the nonprofit Corporation for Enterprise Development found that slightly more than half of all U.S. consumers have subprime credit scores. As a result, they're paying higher rates on loans —…
  • The housing market still isn’t rational. Home prices have been climbing. They have risen 27 percent nationally since 2012, even more in places like San Francisco. But why worry? If you accept the efficient markets theory — and believe that real…
  • Obama moves to protect veterans from loan sharks. When service members return from active duty, they’re more likely to face severe financial challenges than civilians. That’s why the Obama administration and Department of Defense introduced a new rule on Tuesday to help protect…
  • 5 credit card fees you didn’t know existed. Citigroup was fined more than $700 million on Tuesday, partly for misleading customers when it came to fees and using confusing language to make it more likely that customers would buy services they didn’t need. Here is…
  • Groups urge SEC to keep shareholder reports accessible to all. Consumer Action and two allies submitted comments urging the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to rescind a new proposed rule allowing mutual funds to discontinue the mailing of shareholder reports and other important investment information to investors.
  • How to attract and retain loyal millennials. It’s no secret that building and maintaining stable employee relationships saves money in the short term and increases company performance in the long term. But what does appear to be a mystery is how to…
  • Getting by: Part-time jobs that pay. We are living in what some call "The Gig Economy," where people create a living through a patchwork of part-time jobs. Sometimes this is intentional, sometimes it's not. We scoured job sites like SimplyHired.com, CareerCast.com…
  • What will creating financial freedom take?. Financial freedom comes down to what my grandmother Big Mama would say: “It’s not how much you make that matters. It’s how you make do with what you have.”  Check out the resources on the…

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