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  • More personal, homelike care for the elderly. Kay Larmor, 71, was in and out of conventional nursing homes. Then she found Green House homes at Porter Hills, in Grand Rapids, Mich., which is helping to remake long-term care.
  • Mature savings bonds should be redeemed. Dear Liz: I have savings bonds that have achieved full face value. What should I do? Keep them indefinitely or cash them in to fund my Roth account or what? Am I correct that once…
  • Privacy laws lag behind technology. At-home paternity tests, wearables like Fitbit and genealogy databases fall outside the purview of a landmark federal patient law, potentially causing embarrassment or legal repercussions.
  • Why aren't merchants geared up for chip credit cards?. Loren has been following the switch to new and improved "smart" credit cards with embedded microchips and has a request about retailers: "Please explain why merchants are getting away with chip-card non-compliance."
  • Why do some people retire?. Fidelity Investments, in collaboration with the Stanford Center on Longevity, surveyed more than 12,000 retirement-savers and recent retirees 55 or older to find out what drives people to retire.
  • Chip credit cards give retailers another grievance. The new chip cards are at the center of a growing dispute that has pitted two of America’s most prominent industries — banking and retailing — against each other, and pulled in attorneys general and…
  • Plan your digital legacy, and update often. Recording all usernames and passwords for your email, social media and online bank accounts, and the like, will help protect your assets when you die, and simplify the process of executing your will.
  • Zombie debt collection scams on the rise. Zombie or phantom debt collection scams are on the rise with fake collectors going after debts that don't exist: They've either been made up, paid off, discharged or forgiven. But victims are paying up out…
  • Does VW clause prevent owners from suing?. The “goodwill package” is a stopgap measure while the automaker works on a way to fix the cars, which contain software designed to evade U.S. pollution regulations.
  • 4 ways your credit card can actually save you money. Programs such as Discover Deals and American Express’ Amex Offers let you opt-in for deals on their websites, and then when you make a purchase at a participating vendor with your linked-up card, the deal…
  • Wall Street's sneak attack. The financial industry has taken a close interest in the congressional struggle to refund the government. Where others find dysfunction, Wall Street sees opportunity.  The big banks and their lobbyists are quietly but aggressively pushing…
  • FTC cracks down on abusive debt collectors. The Federal Trade Commission and other regulators took action against debt collection companies that used illegal tactics to scare people into making payments, at times for debts the consumers never owed to begin with. In some cases, companies…

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