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  • Your 2016 taxes. Step-by-step, here's a guide to completing your entire income tax form, with insights that can help you save money, whether you use software, do the return by hand or rely on a professional.



  • Delay of rule to regulate career-training programs sparks protests. A coalition of 53 advocacy groups sent a letter urging Congress to uphold gainful, student-debt-forgiveness rules and other regulations to prevent waste, fraud and abuse in higher education. They fear that the Trump administration will gut rules like borrower defense to…
  • Bad news for low-income college students in Trump 2017 budget. Federal financial support for low-income undergraduate students — in the form of Pell Grants — stays alive as other grants are killed in President Donald Trump’s budget proposal for 2018. The budget proposal, released Thursday, keeps…
  • Trump’s plan to roll back Medicaid is disastrous. Medicaid, which is administered by the states, provides health coverage to the poor. Funding for the program is shared between the state and the federal government. Republicans want to cap the federal government’s financial assistance,…
  • Your credit score might suddenly rise this summer. Here's why. The nation’s three major credit reporting companies — Equifax, Experian and TransUnion — use information from public records about tax liens, civil judgments and bankruptcies when computing people’s credit scores. But sometimes there are mix-ups,…
  • Consumer protection progress at risk. Consumers have seen some major improvements in consumer protections, particularly in the past year. Many of those gains have been made by government agencies that have passed rules to help protect our privacy online, our…

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