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  • Banking Basics
    This training series provides a simple introduction to the primary services offered by banks and credit unions, including checking accounts, savings accounts, certificates of deposit and debit cards. It also covers opening an account, resolving problems, the options that bank customers have and the decisions they need to make when using bank services.

  • Elder Fraud
    This training module covers many guises of fraud (with special attention to scams that target senior), signs of fraud and tips for avoiding scams.

  • Good Credit
    This training module covers what credit history is, what a credit report is, how to get your credit report, how to establish good credit and where to complain if you have a problem.

  • ID Theft and Account Fraud
    This training module covers steps to prevent ID theft, or if you are a victim, to clear up the problems created by ID theft and to lessen its impact on your life.

  • Keys to Homeownership
    Buying a house has a steep learning curve. Homebuyers need to learn the meaning of unfamiliar terms, be prepared for unexpected costs and peruse piles of paperwork. This training module contains suggestions to help people successfully complete the many stages of the home buying process. Making sense of this complicated system can help your clients achieve the goal of homeownership.

  • Micro Business
    This module is designed to help participants learn basic information about the creation and financial management of a micro business. Micro businesses are very small companies run by their owners with few employees. They are often home-based, with annual sales under $250,000 and few assets, but they can qualify for loans to help them grow into large regional, national or franchise businesses.

  • Personal Bankruptcy
    This training module covers bankruptcy new rules (effective in October 2005) in order to give debt-burdened consumers an organized and systematic way of paying back creditors.

  • Rebuilding Good Credit
    This training module covers the importance of having a good credit, your rights if your credit application is rejected, how to check your credit report, how to dispute mistakes on your credit report and how to begin to rebuild good credit.

  • Saving to Build Wealth
    This training module covers information about the importance of saving, setting short- and long-term goals to promote saving, opening a savings account and ways to make your money grow faster, including certificates of deposit (CDs), individual retirement accounts (IRAs), U.S. Savings Bonds and college savings accounts.

  • Successful Homeownership
    This module covers the financial responsibilities of homeownership and how to manage them, how to maintain and protect your property, and how to build and preserve your home equity.

  • Teens and Money
    This training series is designed primarily for parents but may also be useful for older teens. The materials cover—budgeting, figuring out if a purchase is a "need" or a "want," banking, writing checks, savings, credit cards, credit reports, driving and cell phones.

  • Tracking Your Money
    This training module covers basic money management and develop a budget or spending plan to control your expenses.


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