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CA News & Special Reports Archive



  • Consumer Action INSIDER - October 2013.
    The October issue of the INSIDER features articles about our organization's activities, including a consumer disgruntled by airline fees, tips for personal economic recovery, a round-up of notable class actions and a new website we developed to educate people about Do Not Track and online privacy.


  • Pre-purchase resources (September 2013).
    Consumer Action has compiled a new Pre-purchase Resource Guide, featured in the latest issue of Consumer Action News, which also includes pointers for checking a professional’s credentials, tips on vetting the research tools you use and information about consumer rights if problems arise.
  • Consumer Action INSIDER - September 2013.
    This month's INSIDER brings you news of Consumer Action's activities, including financial literacy trainings, our upcoming 4th Annual National Consumer Empowerment Conference, a new class action listing, and our support for a lawsuit in New York objecting to the state's credit card anti-surcharge law. Hotline Chronicles details why driving a new car off the lot before making sure you have an auto loan in place has its pitfalls.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - May 2013.
    The May 2013 edition of the INSIDER features stories about our activities at various financial literacy events, some considerations when teaching older adults and a new credit resource created by our staff. Hotline Chronicles looks at the case of a woman who was convinced against her better judgment to purchase a timeshare.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - February 2013.
    The February issue of our monthly e-newsletter features stories about a new financial resource for servicemembers and veterans, an update on our educational efforts around potential credit card "checkout fees," news about our new Columbia University interns, and a Hotline Chronicles entry about unauthorized charges on your phone bill ("cramming").



  • 2012 Fall Issue: Credit Card Comparison Site Survey.
    Consumer Action looked at 54 sites to determine which ones offer the most useful and complete information to credit card shoppers. To narrow the list, we evaluated them using a checklist of key elements—and 13 met all or most of our criteria. Three sites met all nine criteria.





  • 2011 Spring Issue: Wireless Special Issue.
    The Spring edition of Consumer Action News — our Wireless Special Issue — focuses on the growing use of data-ready communications devices such as smartphones. The lead story is a survey of parental controls at the top six carriers. See the Table of Contents for other topics.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - May 2011.
    The May 2011 issue of Consumer Action INSIDER brings you news of our activities. Among other news, we were awarded a $1 million grant from HUD, we joined an amicus brief in the Viacom v. YouTube case, and we started a new series to highlight the great services we have available on the Web.


  • Consumer Action Insider - April 2011.
    This issue of Consumer Action INSIDER features stories on our new WirelessED education initiative, a moving "hostage situation," a Vermont lawsuit over prescription drug privacy and the important legacy of New York City's Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, among other articles.



  • Consumer Action INSIDER - January 2011.
    The January 2011 issue of Consumer Action INSIDER offers a recap of a banner year for consumer protections, a look at our privacy work and a consumer's experience with bogus "debt collectors."
  • Consumer Action Insider - December 2010.
    This issue of Consumer Action INSIDER includes stories about our first annual Financial Empowerment Conference, the outcome of a service grant we received from the Taproot Foundation and a consumer's experience with a "free trial" that was anything but free.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - September 2010.
    The September issue of INSIDER contains articles on the recent activities of Consumer Action and its staff. This month we share stories about the awardees in our mini-grants program, a fraud we uncovered in the Chinese speaking community in San Francisco and our training activities in the Lone Star state, among other news.



  • 2009 Credit Card Survey.
    Consumer Action's 2009 Credit Card Survey contains information on credit card rates, fees, terms and industry practices for 39 cards from 22 issuers.

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